The Conference will be conducted under the main theme of Global Nurse: Influencing the Future of Healthcare.

Find the below session details before registration:

Event Agenda

DAY 1 – 29th July 2022 – Nursing informatics and technology
09.00am – 10.30am (SL time) Keynote speech and introduction to the conference
11.00am – 12.30pm (SL time) Session on Nursing Informatics
02.00pm – 04.00pm (SL time) session on Technology in Nursing
DAY 2 – 30th July 2022 (Nursing Education & Professional Performance)
9.30am- 11.30 am (SL time) Session on Nursing Education
1.00am- 3.30 pm (SL time) Session on Professional performance in Nursing

Ticket Prices

External participants (Physical attendance) IIHS students (Physical attendance) Online participation
Registration for DAY 1 (29th July) 3500.00 LKR – CATEGORY A 2000.00 LKR-CATEGORY D $15-
Registration for DAY 2 (30th July) 3500.00 LKR – CATEGORY B 2000.00 LKR- CATEGORY E $15-
Registration for DAY 1  & 2 (29th & 30th July) 6000.00 LKR – CATEGORY C 3000.00 LKR- CATEGORY F $30-

Instructions for registration

Step 1 Click on one of the “Pay” options as suitable – LKR payment or Dollar payment

Use the relevant option according to the currency you are going to use for the payment.

Step 2 Fill out the details required Special concerns:

i)Filling the field of “Registration No:”: External participants – Mention “TC2022” as the registration number for IIHS students – Use the student registration number

ii)Filling the field of “Payment Type”: Select “other payments”

iii)Filling the field of “Amount” : Mention the required amount by checking the table of details given above on “payment details”

Step 3 Click on the “Pay Now” option.
Step 4 Check if all details are correct and click on “confirm”
Step 5 Proceed the payment
Step 6 Obtain a screenshot of the “payment confirmation slip”
Step 7 Go back to the registration link
Step 8 Click on the “Register now” option
Step 9 Fill all required fields.
Step 10 Upload the screenshot of the payment slip
Step 11 Submit the registration form online participants will get the participation webinar link within 24 hours of registration. Physical participants can collect the ticket at the entrance on the conference day.


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Global Nurse: Influencing the Future of Health Care